Rolli Palaces in Genoa

Rolli Palaces in Genoa
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Palazzi dei Rolli is a unique concept of Genoa from 16th and 17th century when palaces and mansions of noble citizens of Genoa were listed in Rolli, and according to this listing owners of the palaces had to serve their city by providing accomodation to statesmen and nobel guests viting Genoa. Today 42 of those palaces are gathered under the protection of Unesco, and many of them may be visited free of charge as they are housing shops, banks, offices etc. Palaces are mainly located on Via Garibaldi and adjustant streets.

Campetto 2 - Ottavio Imperiale palace: on the ground floors houses a store of Upim.  Enter to see its grand interior and sculpture in central niche.

Largo Eros Lanfranco 1 - Doria Palace, now used for governmental offices, you may visit it for free.

Palazzo Imperiale - antique store, restaurant, on the second floor LiguriaStyle with beautiful restores frescoes. (Close to Cathedral of San Lorenzo).

Via Roma 8 - Palazzo Orsini - home goods store. Go to the second floor and enjoy frescoed rooms, murals and paintings.

Vico Falamonica 1-9r - Cambi Cafe in historical palace with elegant interior.

Via Garibaldi - Deutche bank.