Bernini in Rome

Bernini in Rome
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Gian Lorenzo Bernini (1598-1680) was primarly a sculptor and architect, but also a painter and dramatist. Born in Naples, as a child Bernini family moved in Rome and here you can find most of his works. He is buried in the Basilica of S.Maria Maggiore.

Cornaro Chapel (1644052) in Church of S.Maria della Vittoria, left transept; Via XX Settembre 17, M (A): Barberini-Repubblica. Commissioned by Cardinal Federigo Cornaro and depicts the Ecstasy of S.Teresa with members of the Cornaro family looking on from box seats at the sides of the Chapel.

Basilica of S.Peter, Piazza S.Pietro (Vatican), M (A): Ottaviano - San Pietro.  Baldacchino (caopy), masterpiece in bronze over the papal altar (1624033), with architectural assistance from Borromini.  Throne of S.Peter (1656-65), in bronze and mostly gold-plated, in the apse.  Tomb of Pope Urban VIII (1627-47), in marble and bronze, in apse, right-hand niche. Tomb of Pope Alexander VII (1672-78), marble and gilded bronze, at left near the high altar.  S.Longinus (1629), marble, one of the four statues - 5 meters gigh, ornamenting the piers supporting the dome.  Ciborio (canopy above the altar, 1674), in the Chapel of the s.Sacramento.  Equestrian statue of Constantine (1662-68), at the right in entrance hall.  Piazza S.Pietro: colonnade and square in front of Basilica of S.Peter (1656-67) considered to be the greatest Bernini's architectural achievement, immensely elliptical in size and measuring 240 meters wide.

Fountain of the Rivers (1648-51), in the centre of the Piazza Navona.  Fountain repersents four major rivers: Nile, ganges, Danube and Rio della Plata.  The Obelisk of the fountain came from the ancient Circus of Maxentius. At the south end of Piazza Navona you find another masterpiece of Bernini - Fountain of the Moor (1653-54).

Triton Fountain (1642-43), located in the centre of Piazza Barberini, created for Pope Urban VIII, of the Barberini family.  And just next to it, at the beginning of Via Veneto is another fountain by Bernini - Fountain of the Bees, the bee seen in both fountains is the Barberii coat-of-arms.

Church of S.Andrea al Quirinale (1658-71), his last important work commissioned by Cardinal Camillo Pamphilj for novices of the Jesuit order.  Via del Quirinale.

Church of S.Bibiana, Via Giovanni Giolitti 154. Bernini transformed this ancient church into baroque masterpiece (1624-26). Here at the main altar you can also admire his statue S.Bibiana (1624-26).

Church of S.Maria sopra Minerva, Piazza della Minerva, 42.  Inside the church you fing funerary monument to Maria Raggi (1643), but in front of the church - the elephant supportingthe obelisk (the Egyptian obelisk dates from 589-570 B.C.)

Church of S.Maria del Popolo, Piazza del Popolo.  Statues in the Chigi Chapel - Habakkuk and the Angel and Daniel in the Lion's Den (1655-61).

Church of S.Francesco a Ripa, Piazza S.Francesco d'Assisi 88. Statue of Beata Ludovica Albertoni (1671-74) in the altieri Chapel.

Church of S.Andrea delle Fratte, Via S.Andrea delle Fratte 1.  Marble angles (1668-669) at the sides of the apse: Angel with crown of thorns and Angel with scroll.

Church of S.Lorenzo in Lucina, Piazza S.Lorenzo in Lucina.  Marble bust of Gabriele Fonseca (c. 1668-73).