Palazzo Montecitorio in Rome

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This 17th century palace is the seat of the Chamber of Deputies since 1871 (Piazza di Montecitorio). Every first Sunday of the month from 10:00 to 17:30 it is open to public.

During this open-door day the most important part of the building, including the plenary hall, the wide open hallway known as the "Corridor of lost steps" and the main reception rooms are available for public access allowing them to enjoy many works of art, paintings, sculptures and furnishings. Palazzo Montecitorio houses more than a thousand paintings and sculptures from the 16th to the 20th centuries, several thousand engravings and prints from various periods, a collection of archaeological finds as well as a art items such as clocks, period furniture, tapestries, busts and sculptures.

Beside that various exhibitions are held on the premises of the Chamber of Deputies. Every month visitors have free access to the exhibition areas set up in Montecitorio, the Vicolo Valdina complex and Palazzo del Seminario, including exhibitions of artistic works, but also dedicated to other themes such as photography, technology and philately. The list of current events you can find ont he Italian verion of the web page:

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