Jeronimos monastery in Lisbon

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Jeronimos monastery is the most impressive building in Lisbon, a real masterpiece and glory of architecture style called Manueline. It was built during 16th century replacing a church of Santa Maria de Belem that had existed on the sam site. The construction of the monastery was financed by a pepper tax, 5% levy that was put on income from trade with Orient and African countries. In 1604 Philip II of Portugal declared the Monastery as a royal pantheon. During centuries a monastery has benn rebuild several times and the facade we see tody comes from mid 19th century, it extends for more then 300 meters providing an excellent photo oppoprtunities for tourists. Free entrance to the monastery and museums located here on Sundays untill 14:00 and public holidays.

Jeronimos monastery building houses Maritime museum and National Archeology museum.

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