Tate Modern in London

Tate Modern in London
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International modern and contemporary art.

Museum of modern art, open every day, Fridays and Saturdays till 22:00. Admission is free, apart from temporary exhibitions.

Museum's building was built in two phases between 1947 and 1963, for Bankside Power Station  designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott. He was also the architect of University libraries in Oxford and Cambridge, Waterloo Bridge, and the designer of the famous British red telephone box.  In 1981 Bankside Power Station closed due to increased oil prices. When nn the late 1980s it became clear to Tate that its collection had outgrown its home on Millbank, a search began for a suitable site to build on, or a building that could be converted. The redundant Bankside Power Station proved an astonishing discovery for this as it was of enormous size, great architectural distinction, superbly sited opposite St Paul's Cathedral and in a fascinating and historic, if neglected area, next to the rebuilt Globe Theatre.

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